Juršići is a village in the southwestern part of the Istrian peninsula.

Located in the municipality of Svetvinčenat in the Istria County.

Church of St. Francis of Assisi

In Juršići, there is a well-preserved church of St. Francis of Assisi built in 1874. In the vicarage near the church that served as a monastery for 20 years, there is a restoration workshop for restoring canvas paintings and gold plated wooden statues

Juršići is a perfectly calm, little village

Juršići is a perfectly calm, little village with a store for daily groceries nearby. Because of its superb location and breath-taking nature, this village is an ideal location for building holiday houses. That’s why there were already built new villas, that make a beautiful and properly shaped village along with our villas, which make this village a perfect destination for lots of people seeking relaxed or active holiday or simply enjoying gastronomy and visiting vineyards nearby.
In short: Juršići is a perfectly calm oasis in the heart of the southern Istria.


Rovinj 30 min drive


30 km

Fažana 15 min drive


15 km

Pula 30 min drive


20 km (airport)


Telefon: +385 1 37 00 707

Fax: +385 1 37 00 547